Polyurethane spray foam is used to thermoinsulate different constructions.If the spray foam is used externally, a protective coating is necessary to provide protection against UV radiation and the elements.

Polyurethane Spray-Foam Protection Polyurethane Spray-Foam Protection

The MARISEAL SYSTEM® products provide protection from UV exposure, weathering and mechanical damage, bird picking and assist with the fire resistant characteristic of the roof system.In comparison to other coatings used for polyurethane foam protection, the MARISEAL SYSTEM® shows no problems at areas with ponding water, frost and UV radiation, thus providing a long lasting result. The MARISEAL SYSTEM® is the technologically advanced, premium liquid polyurethane waterproofing system that can be used on new and old polyurethane spray foam. The MARISEAL SYSTEM® consists of different products, dependant on the roofs characteristics.

Advantages of the MARISEAL SYSTEM® at a glance

Simple application (roller or airless spray)
When applied it forms seamless membrane without joints.
Resistant to water, heat and frost
Resistant to root penetration
Water vapor permeable
Provides excellent thermal, weather and UV resistance.
Waterproofs old bitumen-, asphalt felts by covering them
Provides high sun reflectivity, contributing to thermoinsulation
Remains flexible over a temperature span of -40°C to +90°C
Provides excellent adhesion to almost any type of surface
Can be used for pedestrian and vehicular traffic
Resistant to detergents, oils, seawater and domestic chemicals
Application does not need the use of open flames (torch)
Over 15 years of positive feedback worldwide

Proposed Build Up

Polyurethane Spray-Foam Protection Polyurethane Spray-Foam Protection

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